Decorator App

Use the Decorator App to re-style your online store.

Get started with Decorator

Easy to use

The Decorator App is powerful and very easy to use.

Using Quick-start mode, completely re-style your store with just 5 basic settings. Use the full settings for more control of colors, fonts, button styles and more.

Has an instant preview. Also you can test draft styles privately in your own storefront without affecting any customers.

Free to try

Decorator is free to install and try for as long as you like.

When you are ready to publish, pay a one off charge for one year, and publish as many changes as you like. After one year, pay just £8.00* to continue using Decorator for another year.

Special rates during 2017:

£10.00 GBP - 75% discount if you previously paid for a Theme Designer App theme or "tweak"

£20.00 GBP - 50% discount for all other early adopters

(£40 GBP - full price)

* Charges may be paid in $ USD or € EUR based on the daily exchange rate which today would be:

Full charge (first year): $55 USD, €47 EUR (£40 GBP)
50% discount: $28.00 USD, €24.00 EUR (£20.00 GBP).
75% discount: $14.00 USD, €12.00 EUR (£10.00 GBP).
Annual renewal: $11.00 USD, €9.50 EUR (£8.00 GBP).

Works with Ecwid on Wix and many other platforms.

Because Decorator is free to install on Ecwid, it can be used with Wix which doesn't support paid Ecwid apps.

Of course, Decorator can be used on all other platforms that support Ecwid.

Migrate from Theme Designer to Decorator

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Re-style your storefront

Quick-start - get styling fast

Full settings for more control

Private preview in storefront