After a long career in the corporate IT industry working mainly for IBM, I took early retirement to be self-employed providing website services to help individuals, small and local businesses.

I created e-shop designer back in 2012 to help users of the Ecwid e-commerce platform style their shopfronts more easily. Back then, Ecwid was fairly new and and didn't have all the features available today.

In 2013 I added the "Tweak" service to help simplify the creation of Ecwid CSS Themes or modify the e-shop designer themes.

In 2015, when Ecwid started supporting Apps, I added the Theme Designer App to connect the e-shop designer website into the Ecwid Control panel.

In 2016 I released the Tabber app to add tabs to product descriptions.

Ecwid has evolved and improved a lot since its early beginnings, and e-shop designer is now rather old, out-dated and complicated to use. This prompted me to completely re-think the service and create the new "Decorator" app.

In 2016/17 I began working on a new Decorator App, soon to be released.

In 2017 e-shop designer reached over 10,000 registered users since its launch in 2012