Free to try

Decorator is free to install and try for as long as you like.

In the free trial mode, you can view draft styles privately by viewing your storefront in a tab in the same browser you are using to view the Ecwid Control Panel. Other users (or web browsers) viewing your storefront will not see your draft style changes until you publish them.

One annual payment to publish

When you are ready to publish for the first time, you pay £40.00 GBP ($56.50 USD*, €48.50 EUR*) for the first year. After the first year, there is a small annual renewal fee of £8.00 GBP ($11.50 USD*, €10.00 EUR*) to continue using Decorator on your store.

After you have paid, your customers will always see the pulished style, and you can work privately on a new draft style until you are ready to publish it. You can publish changes as often as you like without making any additional payments.

* Charges may be paid in $ USD or € EUR based on the daily exchange rate which may vary. Prices shown here in USD and EUR are based on todays exchange rates. You can also pay in GBP and your bank will convert the charge to your local currency at the banks exchange rate.