[Discontinued] Decorator App

The Decorator App, used to re-style your online store reached end of life in April 2022.

Decorator App reached end of life on 1st April 2022

Unfortunately, it became impractical to continue support for the Decorator App. So, in April 2022, it was discontinued.
Paid users were given access to an Ecwid custom CSS to apply to Ecwid so that they could continue using the Decorator styling after it was discontinued.
Users who paid for the Decorator were given at least one year of use before end of life, and no payments have been taken since April 2021.

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Here are the main milestones for managing the end of life that led up to April 2022:

  • Up until the end of March 2021, new users were able to pay to start publishing for a year, or renew for a year.
  • From April 2021, no new subscriptions, or renewals were allowed.
  • All active subscriptions on March 31 2021 remained active until March 31 2022 without requiring any more renewal payments.
  • From April 2022, Decorator App has been disabled. Users must have applied the custom CSS provided by this date if they want to maintain their store styling.

For a limited time, a custom CSS can still be provided for stores that still require the styling provided by the Decorator App. If you need a custom CSS, please contact support@e-shopdesigner.com providing your Ecwid store ID.